Ridgetop was designed to be an equestrian community; most horse owners have a small backyard barn and all properties have easy, nearby access to local trails. There are about 15 miles of trails within Ridgetop itself and you can ride for several hours while still being close to home.  Ridge Toppers is the local trail association, with Wednesday designated as the voluntary trail work day. Trails are very well maintained and well marked. There are several places to stop for a lunch break on the Ridgetop trails, with hitching rails or picket lines, picnic tables and mounting blocks. The Ridgetop community pavilion is the site of regular potlucks and other social functions.



Suppose I lived in Ridgetop. What's the riding like?

And then there's Big South Fork itself. Ridgetop trails connect directly into the national park in several places; there are many interconnecting trails both in Tennessee and in Kentucky with some breathtaking topography. How does a ride to a century-old backcountry lodge on the National Historic Register sound? Or riding alongside a creek for miles and miles? Or letting your horse drink from the stream at the bottom of a ravine, while you look up in awe at the towering rock bluffs?

Tennessee Trail Riding

When you're trail riding in Big South Fork National Park, bring your lunch and brown bag on the porch at Charit Hostel, . You can also purchase hot coffee, hot chocolate, cold drinks, homemade cookies etc. and "set a spell."

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